Meet the Mentor Species

The Grass

We are the grass. We can tell you about suffering.

We love to grow lush and green and varied with fragrant herbs and flowers. We carpet the wide fields so you can lie back in the sun with your picnics and feel us tickle between your toes. We protect the park’s soil and sink the carbon underground (which is the best place for it).

There are so many different types of us, did you realise that? Probably not because you humans love just the “hard wearing” seed which you sow everywhere and then mow down with heavy diesel machinery brought in trucks. For years your human festival goers have trampled and killed us leaving the park a dust bowl. Leave us alone one season in the verges and see the everyday interspecies festival appear with mushrooms, yarrow, nettle and cow parsley - all with the power to heal you and to change your world.

In the Interspecies Cultural Assembly we represent all the plants - the flowers, herbs, grasses and fungi of Finsbury Park.

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