Meet the Mentor Species

The Bees

We are the bees. We are the pollinators.

Honey, bumble and solitary bees, we nest in humming hives and woody hollows.

Our foraging elite perform the waggle dance to point us to the sweetest blooms. Then scenting with our feet and mouths we make a bee line straight there. Our UV spectrum vision means we see the petals’ hidden landing strip to the nectar in the flowers’ secret heart.

With saddles of pollen on our thighs we smudge their male and female parts to help them seed and fruit. To breed we couple on the wing, which can be fatally explosive just like our sting.

Forget the formal gardens. Our bodies don’t fit in those flowers.

In the Interspecies Cultural Assembly we represent all the pollinators and airborne insects, wasps and butterflies of Finsbury Park.

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