Meet the Mentor Species

The Dogs

We are the dogs of Finsbury Park. We love this place!

We meet and run here every day (when we can drag our humans away from their screens). We have sniffed out its cool paths and places. Here - get a whiff of this! My mate was just here before. Now let’s play tag or ball, do you have a ball, please say you have a ball, where is your ball?

Sometimes we get a bit silly and chase a squirrel or a duck instead of a ball. Mmmmm ball. But only because our wolf cousins would have needed to chase down food, we prefer when it just lands in our bowl.

At twilight we love to get together at the top of the park for a good bark, clears away the cobwebs.

In the Interspecies cultural assembly we represent all the medium size mammals- the dogs, foxes, deer of Finsbury Park.

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